Our plant in City of Příbram – Brod Budova Jan Hubený s.r.o.

Our plant in City of Sedlčany
Provozovna Brod Provozovna Brod

Jan Hubený, s.r.o. (Ltd.)

Our Company has started its production activities in 2001. At that time the grounders, Mr. Jiří Panák and Mr. Jan Hubený, purchased the very first metal processing machine, in particular the milling machine FNGJ 40 CNC. Few weeks later some conventional milling and turning machines have been purchased.

Our main business was and is the production of small series of various engineering components and parts – via milling and turning – for mostly Czech and German machine building companies. We continually modernise and enlarge the machine park in order to provide more and more services in the area of processing of metals and plastics.

In 2006 the legal form of the Company changed from original private person enterprise Jan Hubený to the current limited liability company: Jan Hubený s.r.o.

Actually we produce in two manufacturing plants. In the plant in City of Sedlčany, where the Company started originally as a tenant and where our engineering and commercial departments are located. In plant in City of Příbram – Brod, which was purchased in 2008 and which provides enough space for further development of the Company and for increase of production volume.

Basic data: Turnover 2015: 1,9 mio. EUR Employees: 30

Quality Certificate: We received a certify of Quality Management System according to the standard ISO 9001:2008 on 27th October 2015.